Humans are social beings, which means that everyone needs a companion in order to live a happy and satisfying life. It is beneficial for everyone to help each other reach their goals and potentials. Working together towards one objective and reaching success is a hard task, but is something worthwhile.

One great example is a cosmetic business, in which the cosmetic suppliers provide beauty products to people who want these kinds of products. Suppliers and customers of cosmetic products strive together in order to make their goals possible. Another example is when two people decide to start a family. After all, one of the best things in the world is to start a family with someone you love and to watch your children grow.

Unfortunately, there are infertility problems and medical conditions which prevent the couple from having children. It is a problem which tackles both the emotional and financial aspects of the relationship. Infertility is one of the biggest problems that a couple can face.

For couples who have infertility issues, there are still ways to start their own family. One of these ways is to adopt a child, which might not be an option for others. Fortunately, with the advances in technology, there are ways for couples with infertility problems to have their own child. One of the available options is egg donation which, together with IVF, helps an infertile woman to conceive a child by getting an egg donation.

Five Situations Where Egg Donation Is The Best Option For Fertility Problems

There are medical institutions, such as Fertility Solutions, that offer egg donation Boston women can look to for help when they are having trouble conceiving a child. Egg donation is known for being affordable and gives a high level of success. But this process is only applicable to certain conditions. Here are the five most common conditions where egg donation is considered.

  1. Early Menopause / Premature Ovarian Failure

There is a condition called the Premature Ovarian Failure, where the menopause stage comes before the age of 40. During the menopause stage, the female reproductive system officially stops producing eggs. Only one percent of women are affected by this condition. For women who are affected by this condition, egg donation is one of the options available.

  1. Diminished Ovarian Reserve

A Diminished Ovarian Reserve happens when there are still eggs being produced by the female reproductive system, but the eggs have poor quality. With age, the female fertility drops off. Egg donation is useful for people who are near their menopause stage but still want to have a child.

  1. Past History Of IVF Failure

Women who already underwent IVF, but failed, are usually recommended to undergo egg donation. This is especially true if the doctor thinks that the problem of the IVF failure is because of the quality of the eggs. Egg donation uses fertile eggs from different a different donor, which makes the chance of the egg development higher.

  1. Women Over 40 Years Old

Fertility for women declines when they hit 40 years old due to the aging of the eggs. This is also the reason why some doctors would warn women from getting IVF, as it might fail. In fact, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, of the most important determinants of the IVF success rate is the age of the female partner.

  1. Genetic Disease Or Cancer Treatment

Cancer survivors who underwent cancer treatments usually have ovarian failure due to radiation and chemotherapy. If the woman still wants to conceive a child, egg donation might be the only solution.

Cooperating With Fertility Doctors

In order for egg donation to succeed, the roles of fertility doctors are indispensable. First, they screen egg donors by giving tests for application and during the period of selection. Fertility doctors will monitor a lot of things, including lifestyle and diet, to make sure that the egg will develop into an embryo. The fertility doctor will also need to monitor the development of the embryo to make sure that no complications happen.

If you're considering egg donation, you can visit the nearest fertility clinic near you. Only work with board-certified fertility specialists, those who have extensive clinical experience in administering IVF and other infertility treatment. You can also ask your doctor for remedies for the possible side effects that might appear.

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