If you are an animal lover, you may be missing out on lots of love by not having a pet in the home. There are lots of reasons for keeping your home pet free. Maybe you work away a lot, or the kids have allergies. Perhaps you had a pet once but found the pain of bereavement when he died too much to bear. Whatever the reasons for you missing out on having a pet, we give you five great reasons for heading out and getting one right now: Before owning a dog, it is better to do research first, like torn acl in dogs.


  1. Companionship – A pet may not live as long as we do, but while they are around, they are great companions. They give us their attention and affections whenever we need it. They also listen very well when we pour out our day’s grievances! They can accompany us on family walks and even play great games to entertain the kids for hours. Dogs, in particular, are excellent companions and will never judge us no matter what we tell them.
  2. Teach the kids responsibility – Having a pet really does make the kids think before they act. Children can learn compassion and empathy. They can learn about budgeting and shopping. Hygiene lessons can be learned, and responsibility for caring for another being too. Vets visits will help the kids learn about oral health and other medical conditions too. All these life lessons are incredibly important for children to learn early in life. Owning a pet certainly provides opportunities for all these and more.


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  1. Gets you off the couch – If you are on a fitness drive at the moment, owning a dog will certainly help push you that little bit more. Because dogs need to be taken for lengthy walks at least twice a day, you will find that all the family will be getting out in the fresh air and getting more exercise. Stretch those legs and see how far you can all walk today. If you are looking to buy a dog, you can choose a bigger breed to keep pace with you from somewhere like K9 Stud online.
  2. Therapeutic – Owning a pet can help relax you and keep you calm. Cats are well-known for their therapeutic purr, but any pet will offer similar benefits. Whether its a snuggly cuddle or gentle stroking of their fur, pets offer a great many health benefits by just being themselves. Add a cheeky personality into the mix to make you smile and laugh once in a while, and your blood pressure will be back in the normal range in no time!
  3. Security – Sometimes when we are alone, and we hear those weird noises we can’t quite place, we really wish we had a dog. Dogs have better hearing and a better sense of smell so will pick up on problems, dangers and intruders immediately. They are also a great deterrent. If you have to walk a dark path at night, potential muggers will certainly think twice about targeting you! Having a dog who acts like a guard dog helps us feel safe and secure, especially when we are on our own.

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