5 Ways To Make Your Yard More Bird-Friendly

5 Ways To Make Your Yard More Bird-Friendly

Everyone’s backyard preferences vary, from never wanting to mow the lawn to having every plant you could buy. Watching the birds is part of the fun for those who find their yard peaceful and enjoyable. Here’s a list of a few things you can do that are easy on you and perfect for the birds.

Hang a Bird Feeder

The easiest of the five ways to make your yard more bird-friendly is by providing them with a food source. It’s important to note that a bird feeder may also attract other forms of wildlife, like raccoons and deer. Consider using one of these feeder styles to keep things simple and effective:

  • Tube
  • Platform
  • Suet cage
  • Ground

Provide Shelter

Much like a human, a bird has three significant needs for survival: food, water, and shelter. Providing the birds with a home might seem silly, but a safe place to build a nest, lay eggs, and seek shelter makes them feel secure. The location of the house (and feeder) should be in heavily green areas rather than out in the open.

Use Non-Toxic Lawn Care

You want to create a more hospitable and safer environment for birds. Nearly 60 million birds die each year due to chemical exposure from pesticides and fertilizers. Reducing the number of chemicals you use in your yard will help keep your birds safe and attract more to the sanctuary.

A few bird-friendly alternatives you can use in your yard include:

  • Nematodes
  • Corn gluten meal
  • Vinegar
  • Ladybugs

Minimize Empty Spaces

Reducing the amount of vacant space you have is one of the best ways to make your yard more bird-friendly. An area with a lot of greenery and plant life will feel more secure and inviting for the bird to hang out in. Simple things like adding gardens and widening flower beds can naturally attract more birds.

Keep the Yard Safe

Rather than utilizing glass enclosures, consider something like cabling. Birds cannot see glass panels and risk injury or possibly death if collision ensues. Enclosing your deck with a cable railing is a safe way to provide the birds and your family peace of mind on the patio.

Even though you can buy most of these things at your home improvement store, you can’t buy the beauty of birds singing or nesting in your yard. Nurturing a safe place for them to hang out in is not specific to one season, so consider bringing the peace all year round.

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