Check Engine Light Comes On

Its a good idea to check on your car and do maintenance on it regularly. Like oil changes, tire checks, coolant, etc. But as we know, our vehicles will give in due to normal wear and tear. At that point, we get a check engine light come on, on our dashboard. For someone like me, I am not a mechanic, and barely know much about fixing cars. I really am helpless when it comes to diagnosing my vehicle. When that check engine light comes on, it terrifies me as I don’t know if what is happening to my car. Is it something serious or just an easy fix? Without having the right knowledge where to go from there, repairs could be more costly for me. As well as my time, being wasted on precautions that are not necessary. FIXD is a gadget that will alert me of potential issues with my car in real time. Better yet, it translates my car problems into simple words that I am able to understand.

Sync the FIXD

Basically you plug the FIXD into your car port. It is very quick and straightforward in doing. Then you download the FIXD app on your phone while also having bluetooth on. The device connects wirelessly to your app, and sends any problem descriptions to the app so you are aware of issues. It will let you know if there are or aren’t any check engine light issues. It will tell you how many there are after a successful scan of your car. For each check engine light that appears, information of how severe it is, consequences of continuing to drive with the problem, and an explanation of how the car is affected will pop up on the app. You can then click “clear engine light” to clear the code. After certain miles, if your car’s issue was not resolved, the check engine light may appear again.


It is nice, because you can keep your car running at top performance. When the check engine light comes on, you understand why. It makes diagnosing your vehicle very simple. I like how user friendly the app is to read. It also sends you maintenance reminders so you can schedule a service and get repairs done in a timely matter. It is also just fine to leave the FIXD sensor plugged into the vehicle for monitoring its health even if the app is not open. It is recommended to use the FIXD at least once a month in ensuring things are taken care of before it gets worse.

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