My daughter is obsessed with those fizzy bath bombs.  If you have never heard of them, they are round and basically you drop them in a bathtub full of water and it fizzes and well, kind of creates a bomb of sorts in the water. It's a novelty but they put ingredients in it that will soften your skin or help with itch, etc., so after it finishes fizzing and doing its little show you soak in it like you would a normal bubble bath.

I ended up seeing what they called “drink bombs” and immediately thought of the bath bombs.  You know I had to try these out.  Basically it is very simple to use.  You take the drink bomb, unwrap it, and simply drop it into a drink.  You can use 2 ounces of alcohol, or 4 ounces of club soda or champagne.

I was like a kid with a new toy and since my daughter was so obsessed with bath bombs and I never get the chance to try them out because I don't take baths, I figured why should she have all the fun and was excited to try these drink bombs.   So, I took five glasses and measured out the ounces and filled one with rum (I had to decide between rum and vodka and decided to go with rum since I use vodka for so many other things I wanted to give my rum a turn), two glasses with champagne (I used Prosecco for this purpose), and two glasses with seltzer (may be the same as club soda, but that is all I had on hand and it worked fine).

The five drink bombs were all different colors and I wasn't really sure the flavors so I just willy-nilly took one, unwrapped it, and picked one of the glasses to drop it into.  Sure enough just like the bath bombs this was fizzy and the drink kind of erupted.  It was pretty cool to see. After it was done doing its thing we taste-tested.  I tried all 5 with a few friends and we taste tested them all.

Mixologi drink bombs are all handcrafted with natural ingredients, organic herbs and 24K gold.  Honestly the 24K gold drink bombs brought me back to years ago when I first became of age and found this liquor that had the 24K gold specks in it.  I honestly could not remember the name of it and as I was typing this huge sentence explaining that it popped into my head – it was called Goldschlager.  Don't even know if they make it anymore but it brought back memories. 

Anyway, these drink bombs gave the regular seltzer and rum and Prosecco different hints of taste, not overly dramatic but enough where you could definitely taste it, and it was a cute little novelty thing to experience with a few friends who were more than happy to sample them.

These would be awesome for any party to kind of liven things up a bit or even a get together to do something a bit different.  It would also be great for kid parties, with seltzer, and they also make drink bombs with “kid” flavors like cotton candy, bubble gum, and sour apple just to name a few.  They also have coffee, chocolate, and matcha drink bombs (I would probably just use plain tea myself) for those who drink that mostly.  Another cute idea for when you have friends over for “coffee and” as I call it.

To find out more about Mixologi drink bombs, you can find out about it here and even check out a video of it in action.

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