Flat Roof Repair Cost: Why It Can Be A Lot Cheaper Than You Think?

When you spot a problem with your flat roof. One of the first things you think is “how much is this going to cost me?”. Most of us fear the worst and start to panic about needing to fund the expense of a new roof. However, in most cases the cost of fixing a defective roof will be a lot less than you think.

There are some modern products which mean you can easily fix the defective area of your roof without having to replace large parts or even your whole roof. This means less material and less labour is going to be needed to complete the work. In fact, if you are DIY enthusiast you could even complete this work yourself.

For most minor flat roof defects. A patch repair will rectify the problem. It is perfectly normal for a flat roof to require some minor maintenance work every now and then. The reason for this is throughout the year a roof must endure the elements. Over time issues such as pooling water can cause the roof to fail.

For this reason, it is a good idea to have your roof regularly checked by a roofing professional. If any problems are identified, the repairs are almost always straightforward and cost effective. The earlier a problem is found the cheaper the fix will be.

Fixing A Minor Flat Roofing Defect with A Patch Repair

As the name suggests a patch repair is where a patch of the roof is fixed. This is done by removing any debris from the defective area. The next step is to clean the area, this is best done with a pressure washer. Once the area is clean and free of debris, the area must be dried. Once the area is clean and dry the surface is examined for any cracks.

If there are any cracks they must be filled. This is because they cause an opportunity for water to penetrate the surface and damage the substrate below. Over time this can cause water to enter the building below. Pu30 sealant is the best way to fill these cracks. Once the Pu30 sealant has cured, the whole area should be primed. A good primer allows for the waterproofing layer to achieve better adhesion. Now the primer has been applied. It is time to apply the first waterproofing layer.

What Waterproofing Product Gives The Best Results?

For the best results a liquid waterproofing paint should be used. Ryun Evans director of RJ Evans Flat Roofing has overseen repair works for several prestigious projects at Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament. He recommends the product Mariseal 250 for flat roof repair work.

The benefit of such a product is explained by waterproofing expert Andrew Bright of Alphateq Waterproofing. He says “using a liquid product such as Mariseal 250 which is a self-terminating pure elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane, means specific areas of a roof can be isolated and repaired. The benefit of this is minimal disruption and cost for the property owner”.

Applying Self Terminating Liquid Waterproofing Paint

To apply a liquid waterproofing paint a brush is normally used. Although on larger projects the paint can be sprayed on. The first layer of paint should be applied over the defective area which has been prepared.

In some cases, the damage to the roof can be more than just some small cracks. Such examples would be large indents from storm damage. If this is the case extra reinforcement fabric should be laid. Chopped strand matting is the best choice of material for reinforcement. However, there are some products available such as Maris Detail which contain glass fibres embedded into a paint to provide extra strength to weak areas.

If reinforcement fabric is used it should be laid on to the first waterproofing layer while it is still wet. It should be allowed to be thoroughly soaked through. Next, a final layer of liquid waterproofing should be applied over the fabric.

This waterproofing layer should be cured within 12 hours of being applied. But, it is normally best to give 24 hours before it has to endure any foot traffic (if you use your flat roof as a terrace area).

What Types Of Roof Can A Patch Repair Be Carried Out?

A patch repair can be carried out on almost any roof. It is nearly always the best option. On a felt roof the cost saved on a liquid repair rather than a felt repair is considerable. As opposed to the time-consuming process of removing a whole lap of felt where there is one defect. Then replacing it with a new one. Liquid waterproofing paint can be applied over the defective area once it is cleared, cleaned and primed. The same is true with mastic asphalt and GRP roofs. The benefit here is a liquid patch repair requires a lower skill level than a mastic asphalt or GRP one. The quality of contractor is normally the biggest risk factor to a repair being carried out correctly.

How Much Should A Patch Repair Cost?

A patch repair can cost as little as $70. This will obviously depend upon the size of the patch which will need to be repaired. If you are a DIY enthusiast you can even carry out the cost of the patch repair yourself, all you will need to buy is a good liquid repair paint. Such paints can be found at Home Depot.

So, remember the next time you have a problem with your flat roof, don’t panic. The solution is probably a lot cheaper than you think.

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