Ever needed a reminder to create your own opportunity? This is more than just a bracelet this is a powerful quote with the ability to ignite the dreams within you.  This hand stamped bracelet comes with adjustable wax cord This bracelet can be adjusted by simply pulling the knot on the cord.

Ever since receiving this bracelet I have found it in everyone's room but mine. I have yet to wear my own bracelet. Everyone likes it so much. And they have been telling me that they all have gotten lots of compliments on it. The website as kinds of styles in jewelry. I am sure their is something that everyone likes or can agree on. I have already found something for each of my kids and my husband that I am going to go back and order for them. And maybe even get myself another bracelet and some accessories.

Flaunt Ya Faith means to flaunt what you believe. Inspired by fashion and inspiration, Flaunt Ya Faith has designed our company and website for those who love inspiration and trendy jewelry. Our customers are unique, bold, confident and beautiful. They are lovers of fashion and inspiration. We offer inspiration through our jewelry.

We use inspiration and fashion to help our customer be bold, unique, and confident. We find ways to inspire our customer and offer great inspirational jewelry.

At Flaunt Ya Faith our job is to inspire our customers. We follow fashion and tailor it to inspire our customer. We provide our customer with more than they expect. We are fashion innovators always striving to be better. We keep up with fashion and we do what it takes to inspire our customer.

I can't wait to show off this bracelet and the other things that I am going to order to my friends and family. We all like the same kind of fashion and jewelry and always tell each other when we find something that we like and think the other would like, also.


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