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This Flavor Gives A Whole New Meaning To Coffee


What does your day start like, a great cup of coffee is what makes my day great? Ray would tell you, it’s his first cup of coffee, its always the best, no ones up and awake so it’s his alone time.

The best part about being a crazy cup ambassador is, you are given a chance to try out something new each month like clockwork and it’s always a huge surprise. The husband says its Christmas every month.  This month we got something, we never expected a shake, I know we were as surprised as you are.



We have known Crazy Cups as a coffee, tea, and hot cocoa company. but a shake.  Sweet Strawberries and Cream, one thing I have to say, there is no need to add anything to this. My husband added some creamer and it made the already, sweet drink so much sweeter. I dream, you dream, we all dream about strawberries and cream.  So quit dreamin’, and get drinking

The best way I found out to drink is brewed, over some ice, the taste was out of this world. The hint of strawberries and some cream, like heaven. There are three flavors to choose from and each has their own flavor.  These are the perfect gift for that, someone special on your holiday list.

Flavored coffee, not your thing? It’s all good. We’ve got it all: coffee, decaf, teas, hot chocolates, and more. Make sure to check back. You won’t want to miss each crazy new addition! Recyclable single serve coffee & Premium hot chocolate for your home and office brewer with flavors guaranteed to knock your socks off. To bring together our “Flavor Nation”, to vote on what Crazy flavor we will produce next!

Premium Hot Chocolate

What would your favorite flavor be?

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