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Flavors For Everyone

If You're Looking For Seasonings And/Or Flavors For Everyone This Is For You!

Imagine if we didn't have seasonings in our world.  How boring would that be?  I can't imagine eating my food without it plus it just makes consuming calories much more enjoyable.  Nowadays there are various brands of seasonings out there but I'd like to use something more healthy and natural.  That's where Parma! comes in because they're all natural, vegan, and plant-based.  The flavors are vibrant and amazing, not to mention, you can get very creative with them.  I recently used their garlic flavor on my snack mix for Christmas and wow was it yummy!  They've sent me some in the past, but I received 2 new flavors.

Flavors That I Love

Recently Parma! sent me their delicious Original Parma! and Chipotle Cayenne Parma! and I have to say that they both win.  First, let's talk about the Original.  This plant-based parmesan alternative has the best cheesy umami flavoring and you're going to love it!  I use this amazing stuff for popcorn, snack mixes, salads, and anything else you want to give a cheesy flare to.  My favorite flavors are between this and the Garlicky Green they sent me last time.

Ok, now let's move on and talk about the Chipotle Cayenne.  If you enjoy spicy flavors you'll absolutely love this one.  I am not into spicy flavors so this one isn't my favorite, however, my nephew definitely loves this.  He uses this on literally everything he eats.  I'm not kidding!  Some people just have to add spice to their food and others (like me) enjoy a more cheesy, bacon twang.

The Healthy Part Of Parma!

So what's so good about this plant-based parmesan alternative seasoning?  Gee, where do I start?  Well, according to their website, this amazing super food is a complete protein, gluten, dairy, and GMO-free.  Oh, did you think I was done?  There's also Keto and Paleo friendly, soy-free, and Kosher certified.  Whew, that's a mouthful!

If you're looking for a healthier flavor alternative that you can take on the go, please consider using Parma!

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