When it comes to cooking, my sister is the master she's always trying out new and exciting recipes. She loves to use olive oil. n salads and some of the stuff she cooks.  Extra virgin olive oil infused with Calabrian Chili Peppers creates the perfect amount of spice to add to any dish.

Suggested Uses: Drizzle this over fish, chicken, as a dipping oil for focaccia and to add some heat to salsas or marinades.  She has used this in some of her new recipes and the flavor is out of this world. New Canaan Olive Oil started with our passion for living a healthy lifestyle and most importantly, eating clean, healthy and natural foods. While we started with Olive Oils and vinegars, we quickly expanded to carry an array of gourmet ingredients including organic sugars, salts, spices, teas and more.


Smokehouse Rotisserie Rub is a must have for all your meat. This full flavored blend, with a hint of smokiness, adds deep slow roasted flavor to chicken or turkey without the need for an expensive rotisserie! The perfect combination of smoked paprika, garlic, onion, celery salt, black pepper and our Italian Market Seasoning, adds just the right amount of pizzazz to poultry, steak, and pork.

Just apply this rub to your lightly oiled whole chicken or turkey. Can also use with chicken pieces, pork or even steak! Let marinade anywhere from 4 hours in the fridge up to 24 hours or overnight. For a more intense flavor, sprinkle lightly with a little more seasoning right before cooking. Use 1/2 to 1/3 cup seasoning per bird, depending on size.



Both of these products are great and can be used for so many different meals. And come in different flavors and varieties.  What ever taste you have, there is a flavor for you.


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