Tis the season for everyone to get a cold, and pass those horrible germs on to others. Being sick and sneezing and  blowing your nose, without even cleaning your hands is bad and a great way to pass on that cold.  Having some kind of sanitary gel or wipes is the best and the great way to not pass it. 


There are so many people out there who don't cover their mouths when they sneeze or a cough, and being a germ freak, I tend to get so upset when they think it's fine to do so. For me carrying some of my favorite hand sanitizing wipes either in the car or my purse, makes  being able to wipe my hands easier.  Having sanitizing wipes in a classroom would be the best thing, now a teacher can not only wipe the child but keep any germs from getting to others. 


There's this one time I went to meet someone and them I see that they sneezed and wiped the face with their hand. Pretty shocked that they didn't even try and clean their hands, before trying to shake mine.


Thank goodness I carry some wipes in the car, so I was able to wipe my hands real fast.  Have you seen these outside your grocery store, these are great wipes to carry on you or in the car. These hand sanitizing wipes are great for everyone to be able to quickly clean your hands without any issues. 


The reasons all colds are passed around is no one keeps their hands clean, if you sneeze clean the either wash them or use the sanitizing wipes, they will not only help you but helps to not pass on the cold. This will definitely help when you are using hand sanitizing wipes.  There are so many people dying from flu adjust being so sick .. This is the reason we need to always make sure our hands are clean.  

They say you should wash your hands often. For twenty seconds at a time. That means you should stand there at the sink for as long as it takes to sing happy birthday twice. I also wanted to share this with you, I thought it was a good reminder to help us not spread the germs.

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