My dad loved to fish; we were always fishing and crabbing from young ages. He had everything in a tackle box, which he had forever.  The one thing we have never done was fly fishing I am more than positive he had at least once. What would you get your father, if he loved fishing as a gift for fathers day?  The Manefish Fly Box would be the perfect gift.


The Manefish Fly Box is an excellent choice for storing all the flies you need for your fishing trip. Its slim design makes it easy to fit into your pocket for added convenience. This Fly Box is double sided with a total of 180 holes for storing your flies. Keep your flies dry in this waterproof Fly Box, and you have nothing to worry about if it falls into the water as it will float.

The fly box opens easily with the touch of a button making it easy to retrieve your flies quickly. The case is sturdy, made from ABS plastic, a material that is resistant to impact, chemicals, and heat. The best way to fish is on an inflatable kayak, you're on the water making it so much more fun.

The Manefish Fly Box is a worry free essential accessory for your fly fishing trip.  It kept your flies secure and protected from water, loss, and damage while you can keep them close and access them quickly and as often as you need to.

What's even great is the  Manefish Nymph Flies, to go along with it. The best Fathers Day gift for all of those  fishing daddys. 

The Manefish Nymph Flies Army is a great collection of all the popular Nymph flies found in an angler’s fly box.  This collection is designed using the best Nymph fly patterns with high-quality #14 Mustad hooks.

Patterns are incredibly lifelike with vivid colors that attract your target game fish. With 3D nymph eyes and attractive anodized bead colors, these nymph flies present a highly realistic insect profile.

Nymphs make up a large portion of a trout’s diet and the Manefish Nymph Flies Army consists of lifelike nymph imitations that will make any fishing trip a success. It is no secret that nymphs make catching fish easy. This assortment is versatile and allows you the freedom of choosing among 15 guide proven fly patterns.

The Beadhead nymphs included in the collection have revolutionized the fly fishing experience by allowing the flies to reach the strike zone faster and with an irresistible swimming motion.

For these fishing ideas and more head on over to Manefish and see for yourself.

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