FOCUS TOY – Fidget spin toy calms down fidgety and sensory kids. Triangular hand spinner focuses attention. Easy and fun restless hand toy spinner. Very portable you can take it anywhere. Fidget spinner game good for car trips. Relieves boredom. Spin in hand or on table top. Have fidget spinner competitions. Helps settle kids to focus on homework or reading.Take attention away from nail biting or constant fiddling.

CALMING ANTI-STRESS – Great for adults in the office to refocus. 360 spinner relieves stress and anxiety before stressful situations like interviews or going to the doctor or dentist. Helps take the mind off cravings when giving up smoking – gives your restless hands something to do. Great gift to help friends give up bad habits.Best stress toy for adults. Relieves nervous leg jiggling.

UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVE POTENTIAL – One spin of this fidget tri-spinner will stop your racing mind and racing thoughts. You will relax and refocus so that your creative ideas can emerge. A cool desktop toy to have at work. Improves your concentration and diffuses nervous energy. 

QUALITY MATERIALS – Highest quality ceramic bearings give this fidget toy a fast, smooth long lasting spin. Professional sturdy robust durable smooth construction, good feeling of weight in hand. Makes no noise when hand spinning. Very well balanced with even weight distribution. Makes a great gift for young and old! Useful in the classroom

My son who has ADHD just loves this toy – but it shouldn't be called a toy – as it is to help with focus and not for just anyone to play with. He has several that he keeps in several places so he always has one to use. He actually uses it for his anxiety. He gets anxiety attacks and this along with some other items helps him calm down and diffuse the attack. It really is a life saver for him and for us.


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