You have been planning to visit India for so long and finally got the money to do so. When compared to all the Asian countries, India is probably the cheapest one with mixed cultural experiences waiting for you to grab. Just like visiting any foreign country, you need visa to make your entrance in India. So, even before you book your flight tickets, you have to start working your way out of the Indian visa jungle right now. But, with the help of some valuable visa services, going for your visa and getting it approved in no time won’t be that tough of a deal for sure. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and your mind too, while applying for the visa through online applications.


Quick facts to check in:

Is this your first time ever applying for the Indian visa? If so, then you might be utterly confused with so many steps involved in this section. But, once you are well-aware of the quick facts to check in, things might start falling into laces shortly. So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s just get into the facts straight. It will help you get to know more about India Visa and then work on the points accordingly as asked for, to get the visa approved then and there.

  • The passport should be applied for a minimum of 6 months beyond the date of visa application if you are actually planning to procure a visa.
  • In terms of the blank passport pages, you should have at least two ready for your immediate use whenever the official have to press any mark or stamp.
  • You have to get a tourist visa ready and by your side when you are making plans to visit India.
  • You have to be associated with the health issues before even thinking about visiting India. Right now, you need one for yellow fever and mosquito related bites. It is mostly important if the traveler is planning to arrive from infected area.
  • Always remember that possession of the satellite phones is now prohibited in India. So be sure of that and keep your phones at home before you start your journey.
  • In terms of currency restrictions for the exit, it is highly recommended to check with the local law for reporting requirements for exiting with large foreign currencies and Indian rupees.

For the entry, exit and visa requirements:

It is mandatory or all the US citizens to have a valid passport and valid Indian visa for entering and exiting the land for any purpose. Always remember that you have proper visa type for planned activity in this country of cultural beliefs. In case you have incorrect visa, then chances are high that you will be refused to enter the country. So many visitors, mainly those on official US based government businesses have to apply for visas at Indian embassy or the consulate abroad before they plan to enter the country.

Those US citizens willing to enter India for tourist purposes and planning to not stay for more than 60 days should apply for the electronic travel authorization for around 4 days before the start of their arrival in lieu of applying for tourist visa at Indian consulate or embassy. To learn more about the electronic travel authorization, you are asked to visit the Indian government website. Here, you will get added information related to requirements and eligibilities of the visa types.

  • Without any e-travel authorization, visas won’t be applicable for the US citizens. As mentioned already, if you don’t have accurate passport or visa, then your entrance might be barred from this country.
  • The US Embassy and Consulates General cannot help you if you arrive in a foreign place without proper documentations.
  • It is also highly advisable that you carry photocopies of bio-data page of the current US passport and the pages comprising of Indian visa and immigration stamps.
  • In case the passport is stolen or lost, copies might help you a lot in applying for replacement passport and exit visa for the current Indian government. It is always mandatory to replace lost visa specially while exiting the county. It will be made within 3 to 4 days business days.

Correct type of visas:

Those US citizens who are planning to visit India are held responsible to ask for correct visa type from Indian Embassy or Consulate.  There are mainly no provisions for changing immigration category after you entered the country once. It is true that Indian visa based norms change regularly and mostly with little advance notice. Sometimes, these changes are advertised poorly and inconsistently. Therefore, it is mandatory for the travelers to check the Indian Embassy website before planning to travel to this country for reviewing the current updates and visa based information.

  • You can obtain Indian visa in the USA through Government of India visa contractor. On the other hand, you have official and diplomatic visa applications, which are accepted directly at Indian Embassy and consulates.
  • You are always invited to visit the online address of the Indian visa contractor to determine purpose of visit and most proper visa category for your use.
  • All the US government employees along with the military personnel should procure country clearance for travel to India. Once you received the visa, make sure to take time to check it carefully for ensuring that visa type and entry numbers are appropriate for your travelling plans.
  • The US citizens from the Pakistan origins or descents have to go through some administrative processing. They can always expect additional delays while applying for such Indian visas mainly because of levels of checking and examinations before the final approval takes place.

Work on it beforehand:

It is always important to apply for Indian visa as soon as possible as the procedure takes quite some time. It is not same for all, as some visas take more time to get the final approval stamp on it. So, staying prepared beforehand will help you to save time a lot.

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