Foldin’ Money kits allow you to fold the dollar bills in different shapes. The shape you choose to use could be dependent on the reason the gift is being given. There is a heart shape (see below) that could be used for Valentine’s day, a house design for a housewarming shower, and a tie design for Father’s day. The designs are sold in packs of four, and there is also a Jackpot collection that features 13 designs.

I received the red collection, which features the cake, heart, tree, and tie designs. My husband and I spent over an hour assembling designs and then taking them apart to try others. It was a lot of fun! There are step-by-step instructions included to make the process very simple.


Simple to make, easy to give, and fun to spend! That's the way to describe Foldin' Money Design Gift Kits. These kits are a unique and completely recyclable way to give cash as a gift, and for any occasion!

Sometimes, you want to give a gift to someone, but have no idea what they want or like, so you decide to give the ultimate gift…CASH! Why not be creative in your gesture and make your gift unforgettable?

Visit Foldin' Money to order your own design kit and see what others have created on the Foldin' Money Facebook page, Twitter or YouTube!


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