Recently food huggers and sent me two packages of there food hungers for fruit and veggies. These are great items as my family eats different things at lunch/dinner.  These items make it easy not to waste the food and help keep it fresh for the next time. The first set is for avocado. They come in two sizes. Ideal to fit better big or small. Cut half the avocado. Eat the first half and save the other half for later. Place the cut part of the avocado food hugged and it will keep fresh until you are ready to eat the other half.


Next is the set of juicy citrus food savers. This is a four pack. They can be used for different things. An onion, lemon, tomato, orange, lime. They come in different sizes. Pick the one that fits the food better and it saves it for later. You can also use these food huggers as a lid for and open can. You didn't need all the beans in the can. Put a food hugger on the too and let it hug the can, and keep the beans fresh. You can also use them to cover wet canned dog food or cat food. Yes, I am one of the people who can't use theirs personal items like forks to stir the dog food. I have dog spoon for that. So I definitely have to get a set of food huggers for them.

They are very small and they nest together. They do not take up a lot of space. They are made of silicone.these food huggers have come in handy. I don't have a lot of wasted food anymore.  For more information click here.

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