Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a collection of symptoms which comprises of abdominal pain changes in the movement of bowel, bloating, or diarrhea or even constipation. The most disturbing aspect is that it results in frequent visits to the toilet which in itself is very irritating. IBS affects one out of every 5 person, which affects the quality of their life and their performance is hampered in school or office. IBS affects more to women than to their male counterparts. However the causes that leads to IBS is still not clear but can be attributed to gastrointestinal infection, but it affects the entire brain gut axis. Physiological studies have proved IBS can cause sensitivity and irritability to the gut, which makes the whole situation very traumatic.
IBS should not be treated without medical advice, firstly cause of IBS should be identified, depending on which the treatment should be undertaken. However changes in the lifestyle and few changes in the diet can cure IBS permanently and also help you to lead a happier life. You can read below these 7 ways how to cure IBS permanently.

These are the seven ways to heal IBS naturally:

1] Eliminate Allergens- Avoiding gluten can be very helpful in showing door to IBS naturally. Our guts have not been programmed to break down the protein; gluten causes harmful effects on the gut lining. So eliminating gluten can help to do away with IBS. You can find gluten in wheat, oats, rye, barley and spelt. So to eradicate gluten in order to eradicate IBS, it is necessary to first ascertain what items are need to be eliminated. Even if it is of no help then other allergens like soya, nuts, yeast, eggs and dairy should also be removed. One important fact is that always good quality; unprocessed organic food should be consumed.

2] Go probiotic- It has been well documented that are immune system is directly affected by our by our gut. Happy gut results in happy body, but stress, processed food chlorinated water etc. make our gut weak.

How to make our gut happy?

Probiotics are the good bacteria which help our digestive system to function properly. Probiotics can be found in apple cidar vinegar, greek curd, kefir, tempehandkimchi. These days however a good quality probiotic supplement is also available, which can work wonders.

3] Oil Up- Essential oils nature’s gift to us for help in boosting immune system. Peppermint oil can soothe the spasm in gut, whereas coriander, fennel, anise help in soothing the stomach pain also calm the stress due to IBS or any other issue.

4] Feed on Fiber- Consuming diet which is high in fiber content is beneficial for overall health, but its benefit for eradicating IBS has also been well documented. Organic psyllium is very important for the smooth functioning of the digestive tract, citrus fruits are also high in fiber content, so consuming them is highly recommended. Crushed flax seeds also play vital role in overcoming your battle with IBS.

5] Treat Your Mind- Mental stress and unresolved emotions often lead to IBS, therefore care should be taken of mind also. Yoga, meditation, and exercises work towards healthy mind, so they should be included in our daily routines.

6] Map your Diet- It has shown certaingassy carbohydrates called FODMAPS which are present in apples, onion, milk, mushroom, and beans result in IBS. Therefore a diet in low FODMAPS is highly recommended to fight with IBS.

7] Amend Your Eating Regime- Eating small portions of 5 meals a day at regular intervals reduce the strain on gut, thus it helps to decrease the symptoms of IBS.

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