In a world where fast fashion is ruling, it has become really hard to stand out in terms of style. There was a time, not so long ago, when everyone was copying everyone’s style, and high street bands were literally knocking off high-end designers and vice versa. Creativity was becoming a rarity. However, this has changed nowadays as about today the younger generation is moving towards individuality and self-expression. They have information at their fingertips and in today's world anybody can stand out and start an embroidery business. Finding the right T-Shirt printing company is the first thing you look for, then all the rest will fall into place. 

Marketing researchers and advertising agencies have taken the cue and adopted this tone of originality in their campaigns that are aimed towards the young adults of today. Because of this shift in trends, it seemed only natural that customization would become such a big concept. One of the most popular ways of garment customization is T-shirt printing. This 90s trend has made quite the comeback with new technologies and printing styles. If you are interested in finding out how your clothes can actually make a statement, here is a guide to everything you need to know about custom T-shirt printing. 

Find Professional Garment Printers

This is the number one step in deciding to go for T-shirt printing. Unless you somehow have access to a professional printing machine, you will need to find experienced printers in order to get the best results. If you live in Asia, you will see how creative the clothes printing service providers have become. For those who live in Singapore specifically, MeowPrint Custom Shirts can guarantee high-quality and speedy printing services that are accessible to everyone, thanks to its affordable pricing. Not only does it use the latest printing techniques, but it also even has a number of T-shirt styles to choose from, like crewnecks, V-necks, polo shirts, and many more. Finding the right T-shirt printing company to work with will either make or break your final look. There are also port and company shirts, that can be made to give to employees or as a promotion. 

Understand About the Different Printing Techniques

Depending on a number of factors, like the budget, the material used, and the final look of the T-shirt you want to print, you will decide which technique to go for. Especially if you are making your order online and do not have the option of seeing and feeling the print yourself, you will need to learn about the different printing techniques out there before you can decide. 

  • Screen-Printing: This popular printing method is the most common one because of its efficiency, speed, and durability. However, it works better when you print big quantities in order to justify the relatively high set up costs. 


  • Digital Heat Transfer: With a heat-press machine, the desired design is transferred from a heat-transfer paper onto the T-shirt. This method works great with simple but bold designs. It is affordable and although you can uniquely achieve certain printing effects, there is always this plastic-feel finish to the end design that cannot be avoided. 


  • Embroidery: This refers to the use of threads to print the design you want on your T-shirt. Embroidery requires detailed stitching using multi-colored threads to print the logo or emblem you want. It is more commonly used for corporate apparel since it looks more put together than usual printing. However, embroidery will not work with designs that have different color grading or are extremely complex. 


  • Sublimation: If you are looking for a smooth finish on one of your sports jerseys, sublimation is the perfect technique to use. The colors are injected directly into the fabric of your T-shirt, making the end result look seamlessly natural. But note that this technique can work with only nylon or polyester, and the fabric has to have light colors. 


  • Direct to Garment Printing: This is one of the latest techniques in the world of garment-printing. It gives impressive results and can accommodate the most complex designs. It does come at a little pricier though than most of the above techniques. To get the best results out of the Direct to Garment (DTG) technique, it is better to use T-shirts made 100% out of cotton. 


Knowing about this variety of techniques is not only interesting, but it will also help you in deciding the one that is most compatible with your needs at the time.  

Consider the Design You Want

Whether you want to let your imagination take over and design your own image to print onto a T-shirt, or you prefer to leave the matter to the experts, make sure you take the opportunity to make the design unique. Many printed T-shirts with an endless number of designs are available on the market right now; however, they lack the individuality aspect.  With custom printed t-shirts, you have the chance to create something that is truly one of a kind. You can make a medley of your favorite lyrics and design the lyrics into a cool graphic, or you can even portray your own poetry (that you would normally be self-conscious to post on your newsfeed) on your T-shirt. With the various printing techniques available out there, you will find one that can best translate your vision into a reality. You can also use heat transfer machines for your products.

Care Instructions of Your Printed T-Shirt

It would truly be a shame if after you gave it your all to create a masterpiece design to print on a T-shirt for your best friend’s birthday gift, he/she would end up wearing it only once. You have to make sure you thoroughly understand how to care for a printed T-shirt to guarantee it survives the regular wear and tear. Experts advise keeping a number of things in mind when caring for your precious printed T-shirt. First, it is better to wash it inside out with cold water and avoid bleachers, for they are considered a big no-no. It is also preferred to let your T-shirt air-dry and then if needed, use the iron on the fabric itself around the print in order to keep it intact. And of course, it is best to wash similar colors together to avoid any color bleeding accidents.

T-shirt printing is a cool and fun way to send out a message without speaking. By putting your beliefs and mottos you live by on display, you might end up inspiring a complete stranger after contemplating a thought-provoking message on your back. That is why it is worth it to check the above guide to know everything there is about the statement wardrobe piece or the custom printed T-shirt. 

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