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For The Best Comfort And More Achieve It With Brentwood Home


What is one of the most important things, you feel you need for a good nights sleep. For me, it is a comfortable bed and some great pillows, are you like me and am always looking for some pillows that won’t be flat in about a month.  We are getting older and need a great nights sleep, an occasional nap.

Everyone knows that at least 8 hours of sleep is recommended, as a right amount so that you’re not tired and sluggish. Achieving this means you need a good quality mattress, and pillows as well as bedding. And the place to get all of this and so much more is Brentwood Home, everything for you and your pets too, for a great nights sleep/

I can guess what your thinking, a perfect mattress can cost some money, but you can have your dream mattress. And the place to go for a great selection is  Brentwood Home!


Sequoia Mattress


The Sequoia combines traditional mattress craftsmanship with the comfort of gel memory foam and an impossibly soft natural-latex layer. Simply run your fingers along the tailored tweed sides or the soft Euro top cushion to feel the attention to detail. Every mattress features hand-tufted rosettes—both pretty and functional—with wool yarn running from top to bottom, keeping every layer secure, while button tufting on the side panels adds to the elegance of design. Hand-stitched tape edges and four-way stretch knit on top help you reap the full rewards of memory foam, keeping your mattress from bowing and supporting you fully every night and every morning. Most important, gel memory foam contours your entire body.


Helena Latex Filled Pillow

What about the pillows they are perfect, we have had ours for a while now, and have yet to have them lose their shape. And they are soft and at the same time firm.


This pillow is filled with an all-natural blend of pressure relieving latex and silky kapok fibers. It has a plush feel and can be adjusted to provide precise support wherever you need it. The pillow is finished with a durable organic cotton cover.


Brentwood Home has over 30 years of handcrafting experience here in Los Angeles, and our history has left us with an artisanal approach to manufacturing. From hand-tufted wool rosettes to beautiful quilted Euro-tops, you’ll be able to feel the attention to detail in every stitch. Brentwood Home is an incredible online provider of hand-crafted, eco-friendly, and quality home products. Not only that, but they specialize in none other than mattresses!

And a great place to get everything you need and more.

Baby & Kids
Pet Beds
They  bring the ethos of California to all of our products, handmade for you in LA with healthy, beautiful materials, shipped directly to your doorstep.
Why Brentwood Home your probably saying, they take pride in everything they make, and the mattress are shipped in a box to your door. Everything is made in their warehouse, so they ship them. There many different mattresses to choose from; the choice is yours.    Brentwood Home has a special collection of mattresses.
If your looking for something new in bedding, or mattresses or pillows, use this code OURHOME 10% Brentwood Home Coupon .
Whats more important to you, when it comes to comfort?
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 One Winner will win a SLEEP WELLNESS BUNDLE – 2 Latex/Kapok Pillows and 2 Molded Latex Pillows, USA ONLY and we are not responsible for shipping out the prize. Giveaway ENDS 12/30 Good luck and enter below!

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