My husband shaves  head so he's almost bald, I been looking for that razor that can do that and more, The Pitbull plus is just that and so much more, shaves his head and face nice and smooth,


The Pitbull Gold is a fast and easy head and body shaver. Our signature ergonomic grip allows for quick and convenient shaving, even in hard to reach areas. The long-lasting battery and powerful motor provide consistent, reliable operation.


Pitbull shavers are water-resistant and can be used in the shower. Can be used while charging. 18-month warranty included. 90-minute runtime. Comes with our newest CR-3 blade with individually floating blade heads for your closest, most comfortable shave yet!  It’s comfortable, and the cordless, light weight First, it was charged to 100%! It was a great shave in little more than 5 or 6 minutes!

This shaver is made of high-quality materials, has a very strong casing and is equipped with our innovative and patented ergonomic design, that provides easy grip and a perfect fit for the hand. They made not reach your back like a handy back shaver does, but the design makes it so you can reach a portion of of your back.– The new Pitbull Gold Plus comes with 2 blades: a 5-head Carver blade which is excellent for shaving large areas of the head and a 3-head CR3 blade which works effectively on the delicate and hard to reach areas of the face.

He loved it, gave him the cut he wanted in less time then when he used his old razor, I love that it leaves his face so soft and smooth. Giving him the look of a baby face. The product lines offered by Skull Shaver include men’s head shaver, face shaver, hair clippers and trimmers, women’s shavers as well as a large selection of accessories to make your life simpler. Each of our products is unique, powerful and easy to use.

For the best Fathers Day gift this is one for the man, who loves to shave close.



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