When it comes to the simple tasks, of repairing things its always Ray and Ronnie, working side by side. With fathers day coming up, I wanted to make sure they had a perfect gift.

The Bosh drill, now that they have another one they will be able to get double the things done.  My dad always had a drill around, and that's the one thing Ray didn't have, my dad gave him tools that he cherishes to this day, seeing my dad is no longer with us, Granted some are missing because people swear they are theirs, but the ones he does have they are in the car now.


The Bosch 1006VSR variable speed drill is rated best in class power-to-weight ratio. Equipped with service minder brushes, it automatically stops when a brush replacement is needed. The 3/8 inch Jacobs Ratcheting Keyless Chuck holds exceptionally well for minimal slipping and comes with a new soft grip for added comfort.


Improved lock-on switch recessed in the handle to prevent accidental lock-on. New soft grip handle design for added comfort. Oversized 2-finger trigger greatly increases comfort, Sturdy belt clip frees up hands to do other tasks. This is a perfect size, drill for the deck areas that need to be fixed, and the stairs to the sheds, this one is plugged in so its easy for them to use with the electric outside.

You can learn more about the drill on Orchard Supply Hardware‘s website

For when they are all done, and both have some bad back pain, I have some perfect gifts for them both.

Sunbeam Heated Back Wrap with Shiatsu Massager


Combine the therapeutic benefits of heat with a soothing shiatsu massage. This Sunbeam Heated Back Wrap has 4 shiatsu back massager nodes for a relaxing massage, as well as 3 heat settings for natural pain relief from low to high. For peace of mind, the electric heating pad/massager offers convenient 2-hour heat auto-off and 20-minute massage auto-off. It can fit almost any adult in the household, adjusting snugly with hook-and-loop closure to fit sizes from women's small to men's XXL. Plus, you'll be able to move about freely with the extra-long cord, and the cord pocket keeps the cord neatly stored.

For your dad who is the type who wants to fix things, and then feel the pain from doing so these are the perfect gifts.



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