Well, not only do we want to help you start your mornings on the right note, but let’s start the year on the right note, too! We are excited to bring you this fantastic giveaway for a 40 count box  Cocomocha a perfect flavor of chocolate and coconut. I am a flavored coffee lover, Brooklyn Bean Roastery has the best flavors, Cocomocha is to die for.

This sampler pack was much more than I anticipated, didn’t let me down, and the flavor was so rich and creamy tasting. Something great if you love the flavor of coconut and mocha this would be the coffee for you.

Cocomocha is a summer flavor, once you brew a fantastic cup you will be swept up in paradise, with the hint of creamy chocolate and the taste of sweet coconut. What a better way to start the summer then a nice cup of coffee, close your eyes and picture self on an island in the sun, this coffee will take you there if only for that cup. A bold coffee, and the tastes of heaven.

The aroma of this coffee as it brews it heavenly; the flavor is rich, warm, and comforting. I have enjoyed it both in the morning as my first cup of the day and at night as an end to a great meal.  I was left with happy little taste buds on both occasions!




There are so many different flavors but to me, this is the best one and I love that its two things I love, Chocolate and coconut and they are in one delicious coffee. So if you are like me sit back and enjoy the awesome tastes. I am thrilled to say that I get to offer all of you a chance to WIN a 40 count box of K-cups. So, just scroll down to enter, and share with all your friends.

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