What do you get any man in your life as a gift, with both Fathers Day and Graduations are fast approaching, and they love music whats the best thing to give them, some awesome audio stuff.

Shinola is the must go to for all the things, you need and more.  They have some of the best, headphones on the ear, over ear and ear buds that you can use all the time for either listening to the music or listening to the book.



The In-Ear monitors boast a wide range 8.5MM Beryllium dynamic driver that illuminates a rich, authentic sound. The in-line microphone ensures vocal clarity and reduced environmental noise.  Made of high-quality materials like stainless steel components ensure that our monitors will hold up to the rigors of daily, repetitive use without losing comfort or sound quality.

Designed for comfort and superior sound, the In-Ear monitors come with interchangeable memory foam and silicone ear tips allowing for hours of comfortable listening.

If your not a person who likes things in your ears, then the over the ear headphones are just what you need and want. Shinola has some great products, they are not only about headphones.


The best way to experience your music wherever you might be, the Canfield On-Ear Headphones feature stainless steel components, interchangeable lambskin ear pads, and a top grain leather headband. This is an approach to personal listening that’s anything but disposable.

Utilizing a custom 40mm dynamic transducer for a unique listening experience. Memory foam earpads encased with lambskin provide unparalleled comfort. Top Grain leather and stainless steel components ensure that our headphones will last long after others break down.

With two shades of leather wrapped around a cushioned headband, each pair of On-Ear headphones will become more comfortable with every use.

Either one of these would be the perfect gift for the someone who loves music, and is always on the go , find your peace of heaven in your music and listening to your stuff without being bothered


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