The Forever Safe “N” Sound is a safety and security device for windows (double hung or sliders) and doors. This device will help keep intruders out, but also help keep curious youngsters safely in your house. The installation is very similar for doors and windows, just decide how far you want your window/door to safely open and set up the unit in just a couple of minutes. If the window/door opens up to far, the alarm goes off.


The directions couldn’t be more straightforward and installation and removal is quite simple, if there is any confusion, there are great installation videos on the websites as well. We used it when we went away to make sure my nephew Devon didnt get out.

The sound is what you would expect from a security alarm, high pitched squealing. It was loud enough to hear from anywhere downstairs and definitely loud enough to scare the bejeezus out of a would-be-burglar.
After experiencing the safety and ease of the Forever Safe “N” Sound, along with the affordable price of under $30, we will definitely be getting more units for our upstairs windows. Lastly, after using it, we realized that the unit is portable as well and can be taken with you while travelling. The concept and device are great, I don’t know about “Forever” but as long as the batteries last…this unit makes me feel safe n sound. What windows would this system work best on for you? We loved it and knew Devon would be safe

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