We have a large family, and get-togethers are always a big thing for us. Especially when we get to travel home to see everyone that we miss. Its like we never left; pick up where we left off. When we get together there are some who love wine, and then there are others who love a mixed drink from time to time. Recently I found some great liquor that I want to share with my family. Bogarts Spirits and they have Gin, Whisky, Rum, and Vodka.  Four great tastes and I am sure that my dad and uncles would have loved them. No matter where they were they had to have a drink together, it was their thing back then, and these would have been great.



A blended whiskey, made with single malt and grain whiskeys, matured for at least three years, then rested and finished using white American oak bourbon casks. Bogart's Whiskey is an award-winning American variation of a classic.

Spice and fruit notes mingle on the nose along with strong flavors of honey. Simple syrup and graham crackers show in this lively spirit.



Using the highest-quality American grains and column-distilled seven times in small batches, Bogart's Vodka matches the quality of the legendary man it represents.

This fine artisan spirit is distilled to satisfy the most discerning taste.

Unbelievably smooth and clean with a silky-dry yet light, fruity body and peppery spice-accented finish. A truly tasty, balanced vodka.

Mrs. Bacall’s Pick-me-up

2oz. Bogart’s Vodka

1.5oz. Chilled espresso or 2oz. chilled, strongly brewed black coffee/coldbrew

.25oz. Simple syrup

.5oz. Kahlua (or other coffee liqueur)

1 Pinch of salt

*Optional* 1.5oz. Heavy cream (or light cream, half&half, or whole milk or non-dairy alternative)

-Glassware: Chilled Coupe/Martini glass, or chilled Rocks glass

-Garnish: 3 espresso beans, and/or dusting of powdered espresso

-Method: Add all ingredients into shaker tin. Add ice to shaker tin. Shake, double-strain into glass.

Three Drinks Behind

2oz. Bogart’s Vodka

.5oz. Honey simple syrup*

.5oz. Lemon juice

1 Pinch of salt

*Top with chilled earl grey tea (or any other black tea)

-Glassware: Pint glass or Tall/Hi-ball glass

-Garnish: Lemon wheel

-Method: Add all ingredients (except tea) to shaker tin. Add ice to shaker tin. Strain into glass. Add ice. Top with chilled tea.


Our award-winning Bogart's Gin is made with juniper berries from Italy selected for their fragrant aromas, fresh hand-zested citrus, vine-ripened cucumber, lightly hand-roasted and crushed macadamia nuts, lavender, and coriander leaves. We use only the highest quality, hand-picked ingredients.

Incredibly smooth juniper spruce tips and coriander taste that finishes in a round, full back note of macadamia and peppery lime. Sophisticated yet natural, Bogart's Gin is perfect over ice, with tonic, or in a classic martini. Flawless with a slice of orange or cucumber.


  • 50ml Bogart's Gin
  • 15ml freshly squeezed lemon
  • 15ml Maraschino liqueur
Shake together and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist or a Maraschino cherry.



Artisan-distilled and blended unaged rum. Made from U.S. Virgin Island rum (sugar cane base) and “Fancy” grade Black Strap Molasses from the Gulf Coast. This crystal-clear white rum has a remarkably smooth, clean finish, boasting aromas of light caramel and citrus zests.

An outstanding combination of soft, well-rounded flavors, including almond and coconut, make this exceptionally well-crafted rum the star of any occasion. Enjoy Bogart's Rum neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail.



  • 50ml Bogart's Rum
  • 100ml Fresh orange juice
  • 2 tsp Grenadine
  • Lime slices
Combine the orange juice and Bogart's Rum in one ice filled glass and stir until cool. Add Grenadine and ice into another glass and pour over the Rum mixture. Garnish with lime.


All four of these will make any party great, drinks flowing and people dancing is the way we have fun, you tend to miss those days and wish we could turn back time and have our loved ones here with us. Nothing is more important than family and sharing some great drinks. For all your drink needs head to Bogarts Spirits and see for yourself.


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