A house is more than a home. We need to remember that when we’re deciding on which house we want to buy, as well as what we do in it. Being comfortable, safe and happy in it is obviously important. But so the fact that it’s a financial asset. It has value to us that can be very useful in the future. So obviously, how we increase that value is important, too. There are a lot of tips on how to do this. For this article, we’re going to look at the four basics that will really make a difference.


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The exterior

The first thing that’s going to affect its market value is how attractive the home is to buyers. The first place to decide that is how the house looks from the outside. Any obvious cracks or problems in the exterior can be a serious value dropper. This is the same for drab, old entrances. Sprucing it up, even with a bit of paint and plant life on either side, can make a big difference. Some exterior factors have a more serious impact, however. For example, if the roofing is missing tiles or aging past usability, it can be a serious risk of damp and mold.


The garden

It’s not just the exterior of the home itself that will make a difference, however. The garden will too. There are a lot of ways you can add value to the garden. At the basest level, you need to make sure it doesn’t look like an overgrown mess. Tidy your garden up. If you’re prepared to landscape it and prepare flower beds, even better. What can add the most value is making usable space. Through decking or patios. Swimming pools aren’t a sure bet, however. Mostly, it depends on the neighborhood, so do your research.


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The interior

Of course, anyone buying the home is going to take a look inside, as well. The overall layout matters, for one. If you’re making renovations, consider if walls might be able to be taken down to provide a more open plan. Besides that, you need to look at the design and functionality of two very important rooms in the house. If you plan on selling it, then the kitchen and the bathroom are the ways to do it. In these rooms, it can be better to go substance over style. Your own tastes might be a bit more particular than you image, for example.



If you really want to add those big numbers onto the value of your home, then it’s all about space. Getting rid of the walls in the house as mentioned above might make some difference. What really has an impact, however, is adding real square feet. A conservatory or extension can do this for some. So can converting and finishing unused parts of the home. Whether it’s the basement, the loft or even the garage. If you really want to guarantee that you’re adding value onto your home, you’ll add usable space.


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