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Four Packing Essentials for Weekend Trips




Weekend getaways are often a spontaneous thing. If you love to travel on the weekends, it really helps to have your packing list sorted out ahead of time. This enables you to grab your stuff and go at any time without worrying about missing something.


The first thing you should know that if you’re trying to get to another place, on the other side, you have to think of a car transport. This is good for those who hare having very long weekends and a newer place in mind. 


The following four items are essentials to have on hand when that sudden urge for a weekend trip strikes.

1) Rolling Suitcase 


A weekend trip should only require two full changes of clothes. An 18″ suitcase is about the minimum size that can handle two or three outfits. There’s going to  be bit of space left over for small miscellaneous items.


Check for solid, durable-looking wheels. Think “roller blade” rather than “roller skate.” The thinner plastic wheel design will wear down much more quickly than a thick rubber wheel.

2) Day Pack 


A modest backpack makes for a nice complement to a small rolling suitcase. As long as you keep the size under 40 liters or so, most airlines will count it as a carry-on.


Most travelers prefer lots of external pockets; preferably one on each side. Pockets that are large enough for a water bottle, and a front compartment are good places. Look for a design that unzips in the middle like a suitcase, giving you two separate compartments to pack stuff into.


3) Compression Cubes / Sacks 


Compression cubes and sacks help you to wring even more space out of your suitcase and pack. They're mostly used for clothes and also help by providing an extra layer of water protection. You'll be amazed at how much space you can save with these.

4) Emergency Ponchos 


If you aren't expecting steady rain on your trip, you don't need to worry about finding space for an umbrella. Just throw a couple of inexpensive emergency ponchos in your luggage, one for each person to wear and one to throw over top of a suitcase if you have one. They're as light and easy to pack and stores often sell them for as little as $1 each.


There are many other weekend trip items you'll no doubt want to add to your inventory, but these four items are the foundation to build on.



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