Perhaps you’ve already been on a vacation with the family earlier in the summer, or perhaps you’ve had to stay at home for work and now you’re wondering if there’s time to fit in a brief trip before school starts again this fall. The good news is that there are lots of places that are just perfect for a quick mini-break at the end of summer that will help you rest and recuperate. Whether you want to get active, relax for a few days or learn something new, we have four ideas for top vacation destinations if you want a short getaway before getting back in the classroom. 


Wherever you live in the USA, Williamsburg is the perfect spot for a late summer getaway. This is a destination that’s got something for everyone and it’s pretty easy to get to – especially if you live on the east coast. Of course, history fans are sure to love Colonial Williamsburg, but there’s a lot more here to enjoy. Water parks, theme parks and lots of natural attractions await couples and families who head to this fascinating destination for a late summer break. After just a few days, you’ll feel refreshed and ready for school, and the kids will also have had a history lesson that their teacher is sure to be impressed by!

2.Boca Raton

There’s nothing quite like a bit of Florida sunshine to perk you up ready for fall, and even better – at this time of year many of the usual residents haven’t arrived yet. That makes this beach resort the ideal destination for some sunbathing and relaxation on golden sands. Another bonus is that during the late summer, hotel rooms are much cheaper here than at other times of the year, so you’ll get a bargain break – the ideal solution for some refreshment before fall arrives!

3.The Grand Canyon

If you’re keen to get back to nature and enjoy some amazing scenery, the Grand Canyon is the ideal destination for a last minute getaway before school begins again. You can enjoy a cheap break here camping in one of the national park campsites or splash out on a more luxurious stay at a hotel. Whether you’re keen to shell out for a once in a lifetime helicopter trip over this amazing landmark or whether you’d prefer to try your hand at riding a horse across the canyon floor, you’re sure to get a lot of pleasure from this trip, and Las Vegas is just a short journey away so you can also maximize your entertainment at one of the shows or gambling tables that Sin City provides. 

4.The Bahamas

If you’re keen for a last minute summer getaway that lets you really get away from it all and relax in an idyllic environment, the Bahamas is the perfect spot for you. With white sand beaches, lots of opportunities for sunbathing, and luxury hotels, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here no matter how long you decide to stay. Even just a few days of sunshine can recharge your batteries and prepare you and the kids for the next school year. There are also opportunities to do as much or as little as you want if you choose this destination for your late summer break. Keen divers and snorkelers will especially appreciate the crystal clear waters here where they can get up close to the beautiful natural underwater environment and see the local marine life. An underwater breathing device will let you get really close to amazing sea creatures. If you’re wondering how to choose the best one to suit your needs, you can get the answer here

Are you ready to arrange your last minute vacation before the summer ends? One of these four destination is sure to be the ideal spot for you and your family to recharge your batteries and relax a little ready for the new semester to start. Whether you love history, relaxation, family thrills or underwater excitement, you’ll find one of these four places is sure to fit the bill perfectly. Enjoy your last minute break before school starts again, whichever of these wonderful spots you choose!


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