Frazey's animal rescue reusable bags. I have been using this bag I received when I go to the store. I also had used it when I was on vacation. Each bag is 100 percent recyclable, washable and reusable. They cost $4 per bag. They are affordable and charitable. Their bags are extremely durable but also lightweight. The bag folds up small enough to fit in your pocket or put in your purse. De clutter your reusable bag collection and simplify them with Frazey's bags. They take up very little space compared to most bags.

Named after a love able rescue dog named Frazey, a 12 year old Aussie/Paillion mix, any recipient of a Frazeys animal rescue bag will be considered a rescue angel. And who wouldn't consider that their good deed of the day? halo is not included.

Each year, 8 million pets enter shelters, and the team behind Frazey’s Animal Rescue Bags is committed to getting pets out of shelters, off the streets and into loving homes. Frazey’s Animal Rescue Bags are reusable and recyclable, and 50% of the bag proceeds are donated to animal charities and rescue groups. For more information click here.


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