Are you like me, you are always looking for the perfect way to have more drive space. Always looking for something that's better and will help you Have you heard of the Smart Drive, it's a USB plug that can store all your files without taking up, too much computer space. The best part there's no reason for you, to manually upgrade this every time you plug-in it does it. So anything new you put into your files will be updated, 

Works between home and the office so everything, you need is right there anytime. Another great thing is it works without your internet and if your with a customer, it can be seen from their office too. The best is it can be taken any place you need it too. 

What is the Smart Drive actually it is  a service technology that enables companies to update information on USB drives after they have distributed them to their customers/employees. SmartDrives are a ubiquitous, low-cost, easy to use method to maintain information to recipients. For me it is helping to keep my important files in one place, without taking up all the space I need on computer. 

This product not only frees up space but it can provide all of the up to date information, documents, ideas and any installation videos to customers. Simple to use and everyone will have up to date information. This is working great for my business, all I have to do is share with the people I need too.  Being able to update things I need, as well as everyone else saves me a lot of time. USe when you're having a meeting send to the materials before, so the people already have some idea of whats going on in this meeting. Replacing mailed catalogs or CDs so that new versions can be updated more frequently and be more current at a lower cost.



SmartDrive is a product of StickyDrive LLC, a Seattle based company founded in 2006. The StickyDrive technologies have been distributed on millions of USB devices worldwide, and are used by hundreds of the most recognized companies


What do you use? Would you want one.

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