We love fresh juices, without all those sugars and everything else added to them. Recently I found the perfect juice, Ripe Bar Juice, everything is made fresh and cold-pressed.

You only get out what you put in – so we start with nothing less than the best. No concentrate here! We source non-GMO fruits straight from farms we know. Our produce is picked at the peak of ripeness and then we lock in that freshness you can taste.

The process is elegantly simple – start with the best fruits, use the absolute minimum in processing, and offer up a juice that surpasses all others in freshness, taste, and nutrition. Most of those other juices take weeks or (gulp!) even longer to transform fruit into the end product – and a lot gets added in the process. But we believe in sticking to our principles.



“We want to make the best tasting, freshest juice that consumers know and love. What started in my kitchen is now the first Craft Juicery™ in the country. We go out of our way every day to craft juice from the best fruit, from the best farmers.”


So, does this count as having juice at breakfast? No! Sucks! I love making my own drinks and knowing that for sure that my mixers are fresh. And this company sends them to your home cold and fresh. It is almost like Christmas when I know my fresh mixers are on their way and should be arriving at my door at a minute.  I also like that I can either order a few bottles of the same flavor or I can mix and match.

We all have a bad taste in our mouth from the classic shelf stable cocktail mixer. People! Please! There is a major difference between a shelf stable cocktail mixer and RIPE Bar Juice. We take pride in the fact that we process all our own stuff and we are made and sold cold in small batches with fresh juice!

We can't wait to try these out on our company, then see how they react when we tell them where they came from. Definitely, will go back and get some more of the juice and the bar juice in the near future.

I like having these on hand for last minute get together's or parties. We are big entertainers and sometimes we like not having to spend all our time in the kitchen making drinks. We like to have more time with our friends and family and enjoying their company.



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