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Have Yourself A Fresh Face

Fresh faced

The beauty industry has really sky rocketed due to all the demands to remain looking youthful and feeling beautiful. But with the influx in the market, how do you know which one to try? The best way is into looking at reviews and recommendations by your peers. So hopefully you can take a look at Fresh faced with me and see what I could see from my own experience.

Erica Suppa

Who is Fresh faced? A skin care specialist named Erica Suppa developed her line of products based on science and research to create a type of science inspired beauty line. She is all inclusive, leaving no skin type unprovided for. One of the major concerns women have when searching for beauty products is seeing their therapeutic effects. Erica created such products that are not only based off science, but also clean, natural, non-toxic, safe, and is organic.

My first impression of Fresh faced is that they are definitely a high end product experience. My favorite is her line called the Sparkling Snowflake. I love how rich the textures are in the beauty bar, face and body sugar scrub, and the clear complexion mask.

Beauty Bar

The beauty bar is made of sorbitol, sodium cocotte, glycol, buttermilk, honey, oat, flour, calendula, and fragrances. For me, getting my skin clean after wearing makeup all day, is a top priority. I really love how the bubbles give a great lather that I know is removing away all my dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and makeup residue.

Sugar Scrub & mask

I then follow up with the very satisfying face and body scrub. It is composed of emulsified sugar and has a very subtle sweet scent. I also like wearing the clear complexion mask for about ten minutes to give my skin the right balance of moisture it needs.

Bath Tea

What’s great when ordering a Fresh faced bath box is that it comes with two bath teas. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice soothing bath at the end of a long strenuous day? The Sparkling Snowflake bath tea is composed of rosemary and spearmint leaves, rose petals, chamomile buds, juniper berries, spa salts, and a hint of fragrance.

I definitely recommend Fresh faced as a heart warming gift for someone on Valentines. They will surely feel loved and appreciated to receive this in the mail.

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