Freshpet – Real Food – Real Nutrition. Freshpet knew they could make better foods for your animals. They have set out on a mission to revolutionize the way we feed our pets. By making them fresh and natural food. They have gathered the best team around. Now they have grown and are delivering fresh, refrigerated pet food to stores all over.

Nature's Fresh Whole Meals

Using humanely raised chickens, with leafy greens like spinach and nutritious carrots. It comes in a resealable bag which makes them great for quick and easy meals. No more worrying about your food going bad and becoming stale. You can feed your pet the correct amount and seal the bag for the next meal.

Mission and Values

Their mission is to improve the lives of pets everywhere. All through the power of fresh and natural food. They seek to revolutionize the pet food through innovation. Challenge accepted wisdom about what is healthier for your pet. They work to be openly honest about every aspect of their business. And they always strive to do what is in the best interest of your pets, humans and our planet.

Grain Free Chicken With Carrots & Spinach Dog Food

Here are the ingredients in this particular flavor of their dog food. Chicken, chicken liver, peas, carrots, spinach, eggs, vinegar, natural flavors, salt, carrageenan, inulin, and celery powder. How healthy is that. Sounds good enough for me to eat. Looks good enough to eat. As you can see from these beautiful babies. It was a hit at our house. If these picky eaters will eat it and clean their bowl. I know your pet will love it also.

Freshpet Freshpet

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