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Honey Oatmeal and Bay Rum Soaps are Pleasing

Fresh Pine Soap

I love when a man takes a great bath and scrubs those harsh wear and tears of the day away. My spouse likes bars of soaps as much as he does liquid soaps, so when I advised him to try Fresh Pine soap for men, he was ecstatic about it. I love that he has an open mind and will give anything a try at least once. For him, he was not disappointed using their soaps.

Fresh Pine is the maker of organic soaps to help a man feel healthier, cleaner, and boost his morale. Did you know that the products we apply on our bodies affects our outlook and health? It truly does. So being a more health conscious person, I try and steer my family to healthier brands. Fresh Pine soaps are actually created by men for men. My husband is proud to be a user and enjoys that the product is also eco-friendly. 

Out of the two soaps my husband has tried from Fresh Pine, his absolute favorite is the Honey Oatmeal. It helps with his eczema and gives him a rich lather. The lather helps protect his skin by creating a soothing barrier that alleviates his skin. Oatmeal has that affect and I recommend it for others in the same situation. The Honey Oatmeal version is rustic and fresh. It is for men like my husband who likes to work outdoors. I love the ingredients of cut oats, milk, and cedarwood, because the smell is very relaxing.

Another of my husband’s favorite from Fresh Pine is the Bay Rum soap. This one is for a free spirited man. It consists of crisp oak, wood, and rum. When my husband uses it after a hot shower, I feel like I can smell the woods and a log cabin in our bathroom. It is quite delightful. This is perfect when you have run out of ideas to get your man.

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