Sweet, thick, natural honey is by far my favorite sweetener for a good cup of tea. Did you know that there are a variety of different flavors? Clover is the most common flavor you can get in the store but it isn't as superior as natural honey. It is one of the most preferred flavors that is used in tea to sweeten a cup of hot tea with and it has a mild flavor.  Do you know the difference between pasteurized and natural honey?


Geddes farm sells natural honey that isn't pasteurized to keep the good stuff in it. Got Allergies? Local honey is one of those natural remedies that can help lessen the symptoms since it has the pollen still in it. Geddes Farms sources from local farms throughout the USA to bring you the purest, most natural nectar you can get.


The avocado honey is a slightly different flavor. It reminded me of a really dark brown sugar mixed with honey, almost a molasses flavor. This would be a good sweetener to add to baked goods like oatmeal bread or drizzled on top of a biscuit, muffin or scone for breakfast.



Sweet clover is best for tea, facial masks if you like to make your own and even for drizzling in yogurt to sweeten it a touch. I was sick this past week with a sore throat and a couple times a day for a few days I ate a spoonful just for it's healing properties and to soothe my throat. Honey is a natural antiseptic with all the healing properties it contains and it will never go bad because of this.


If you would love to give a gift basket to someone, Geddes Farms has something for every taste. They have 8 flavors of sweet honey and 4 flavors of spicy along with a 5 gift boxes that comes with 3 bottles and 2 dippers. You can buy 4 bottles or 2 gift sets and get free shipping which is a good deal. Also, check out their recipes for ideas to add some sweetness to your dishes.

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