Frugal Tips for Traveling on a Low Income


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When some people think of travelling or vacations, their minds might dart to lush, tropical islands or private jets. However, you don’t need to be excessively rich or famous to be able to make the most of a getaway. While you may not be able to spontaneously jet off across the world with a moment’s notice, you might still be able to use some careful planning to have an enjoyable time. If you do have travel plans in the works, you can also utilise birthdays and other special occasions to ask for contributions as your gift.

One of the first things you may consider when booking your travels can be how to fund it. When you have a low income, it may be unlikely that you have hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars sitting around untouched. Any money in your account may already be spoken for to pay the bills and buy essentials. This is where saving small increments of money can help. 

When you invest with an ISA you may be able to choose how much you put away each week or month, which can be quite reassuring if your money is needed elsewhere. Making small deposits may seem like you aren’t getting very far, however, you can then certainly get further than you would if you were to not save at all.

You could also be quite clever with the way you plan your travels. While flights or other modes of transport can be quite pricey, it may be the accommodation cost that really makes it difficult to afford, especially if you would love to visit a particularly affluent location. Rather than looking into hotels, you might want to consider a home swap. This entails registering with a company that will effectively enable you to directly swap accommodation with another family for a set period of time. You can then stay in that family’s home, while they utilise yours. While there may be a registration or membership fee, this can be a lot cheaper than paying for a room and even allow you to broaden your travel plans.

Although it may not be fun, you might also need to be a bit more realistic when it comes to travelling. It is highly unlikely that, on a low income, you will be able to go to a five-star resort next week. However, you may be able to go to a cheaper place, or even attend your chosen resort in a few years. You may also want to compromise on the type of travelling you choose. It might be cheaper and more enjoyable for you to purchase camping equipment and drive to areas of natural beauty, staying several times a year, than to have one, short, exotic vacation every four years.

Planning travels might be more difficult when your budget is lower, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. By thinking about the ways you can save money, and really make travelling viable, you might be able to get away from home.

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