Paradise Island is a 685 acre island, located off the shore of Nassau, Bahamas. Once referred to as Hog Island, this popular tropical destination is best known for the Atlantis Resort. In the event that resort vacationing isn't your thing, there are scads of other fun activity choices as well. These are just a few of them. When you travel to the locations of your dreams, what are some of the things we all need, here are some great travel wallet ideas? My husband loves to carry a nice wallet, that is small but yet big enough for his license and credit card and his heart card, these are the perfect wallets for your trip. Wallets for men, you should go and look at the wallets that, Drift sells, they are what a vacation wallet looks like, not big and plenty of room.

Atlantis Resort

Atlantis Resort opened in 1998. In addition to more than 3,800 rooms and suites, the property consists of a water park, a casino, a marine habitat (home to 14 lagoons and over 250 marine species) and Dolphin Cay.

Atlantis provides guests (of all ages) with many activity options. This includes things like golf, shopping, concerts, pottery classes, rock climbing, movies, spa treatments and more. Several of these activities are included in the price of your stay.

If you can't afford to stay at Atlantis Resort, because the cost is too high, consider purchasing a “day pass.” This gives you access to the water park, the pools and The Dig Aquarium… just to name a few.

Versailles Gardens

Located approximately 15 minutes (on foot) from Atlantis Resort, Versailles Garden is free to visit a open 24 hours a day. These beautiful gardens feature a wide variety unique plants and flowers, a gazebo (perfect for weddings), a small temple and a set of Cloisters and statues, originating in France.

One of the most interesting things about this (75 feet wide) tiered garden is the fact that the pathway that runs through the middle separates two mirrored halves. Picture taking is a definite must!

Beaches (Cabbage and Cove)

Cabbage Beach and Cove Beach are two separate entities. Cabbage Beach is long and narrow and lined with trees. The sand is powdery to touch. During the winter months, this beach tends to be more deserted. The drawback is that the water can get rough. When this happens, swimming is very much discouraged.

Cove Beach is small and scenic situated in front of the Atlantis Resort The public-access beach entices visitors with its white sand and clear blue water. The drawback to Cove Beach is that you won't be privy to colorful fish. But, the good news is this. You won't find sea urchins there either.

These are just three of many options, when it comes to fun activities in Paradise Island. Once you arrive, you'll be surprised by all there is to see and do. Even better, if you're feeling a bit more adventurous, Nassau is only a hop, skip and bridge away.


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