I personally have never been camping , but my in laws and family have and do it at least once a year if not more. And it does look like fun from all the pictures they put up. Over 1000 people go camping ever year.

So who loves camping?
Some people get in trouble camping because they are not prepared for what Mother Nature can throw at them. Even some , people get lost because they do not familiarize themselves with their surroundings. You should point out land marks and where water and shelter is located.

\. A couple of things to remember when camping:

* Water proof matches.

* Water.

* Proper clothing.

* Sleeping bags.

* How will you use the restroom?

* Food.

* Maps.

* Compass.

Always have someone with you so your not alone just in case something happens, and we all know cell phones dont work in the woods.

These are just some of the very basic things you must have to survive. The weather can turn quickly in the wilderness and can become dangerous to your family. You also need to know what the indigenous wildlife is where you will be camping.

Camping is the best way to get to know your family and commune with nature. Camping can be done anywhere in the world. No matter where you are you must be prepared and have the right equipment. Always remember, it can happen to you. Be prepared for whatever comes your way while camping.

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