How to Plan Fun Family Road Trips


Globetrotting car holiday vacation


While planning a road trip plan from the perspective of every member – old and young and involve everyone from the planning stage itself.


It maybe a good idea to mark a Sunday, atleast a few weeks before the scheduled vacation or trip days and spread a map on the largest flat surface you can find around which the family can congregate.


Once you have marked the places that interest everyone, map a few alternate routes. Mark out high traffic volume roads, toll plazas and safe/unsafe hours on highways and less populated places.


This will ensure a well thought out route map with motels, service stations and gas stations marked on it. However retain flexibility of changes en route such as dropping into an interesting place you see on the way.


Delegate a family member to list the common items that will have to go in the vehicle in the emergency, food, beverage, entertainment categories. These should be placed in an accessible space and take into account all known medical needs of the family members.


Pack well ensuring light weight but highly functional luggage and stow them intelligently to make most of the space available.


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