A lot of celebrations are done in a year for different reasons, and one of these is thanksgiving. People in the United States and Canada celebrate thanksgiving to celebrate the blessings they have received in the previous year. They celebrate it every fourth Thursday of November, and it is also marked as the start of the fall-winter holiday celebrated with Christmas.



People take pride in how they celebrate their thanksgiving and get ready with different kinds of decorations and recipes for food. They also share pictures of their celebration on social media so people without the tradition can see how they celebrate it. Most of the time these pictures would go viral because of the banner decoration and food the picture showcases. If you want your thanksgiving banner to go viral, here are some ideas you can do for your social media posts.

Have a Theme

You can choose a theme for your banner, and wearing an outfit that matches it will make a good pairing. You can have a maple themed celebration if you are from Canada, or you can also have an Indian themed party representing the natives of America. You can decorate your banner with maple leaves or bird feathers to add to the banner's appeal and design. Also, you need to remember that, when you take the picture make sure that the banner and your outfit will make it into the frame.

Have a Unique Banner

Most people buy thanksgiving banners from party shops, and these banners are largely reproduced, so there's a big chance that your neighbor has the same type of banner hanging on his wall. To avoid having the same type of banner posted on social media, you can have a personalized banner printed for your walls. There are a lot of inexpensive Thanksgiving banner designs that printing stores offer. They print it on vinyl so you can re-use it on your next thanksgiving celebration. Also, when you have your banner printed on vinyl, you can insert pictures or even quotes that can make your banner look cool.

Take a Funny, Memorable Picture

One tip that you can also do when you are taking your picture is to pose funny. You can raise your plates of turkey while exaggerating to swallow it wholly under your thanksgiving banner, or you can pretend to gobble up all your food in front of the camera. Your creative side will show, and the likes and shares of your posts can prove it. You can also bring out the director in you, or the skilled photographer hiding within you. Also, remember to choose the correct filter for the photo to complete the look.



Celebrating Thanksgiving is a lot of fun, and it is the time where you can eat with your complete family members at the same time. Taking pictures and making it go viral can remind you of those happy moments, and if you miss your loved ones, you are just one click away from the photo you were in together of the last thanksgiving you had.

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