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Whether it's cold outside or the rain keeps you indoors, your family can quickly start to turn on each other. To keep the peace, you need activities that the whole family can enjoy. Here are a few indoor family activities that can get you started. 


1. Create a Puppet Stage for a Performance

Parents should always give their children the chance to be creative. That's why one of the best activities for kids indoors is to create a stage. Making a stage fit for puppets also requires your children to make their puppets. You're able to allow them to be visually creative as well as physically creative.

The puppets should represent the characters in their story that they create. Allow your children time to rehearse the play. You can even bring some popcorn to make it an official performance.

Once your kids are ready, sit back and watch the show. By being an active audience member, you can increase their fun and make them confident in their skills as a creator. You may just find you have a few actors on your hands. 


2. Have an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Nothing is more fun than a treasure hunt. One of the most enjoyable indoor family activities is pretending everyone is a pirate looking for treasure. As the head pirate, you're in charge of filling some kind of box with goodies for the kids to find. If you want to give your children even more tasks, then you can have them make the treasure chest out of some shoeboxes or tissue boxes.

Once the scene is set, you can give them a map. Perhaps they have a task at each landmark that allows them to progress further to the treasure. It's a good way to keep them active by performing jumping jacks or eating an extra dose of vegetables.

Once they make it through the challenges and arrive at the treasure, they'll wish the fun had never stopped. 


3. Custom Photo Puzzles

To keep your kids from becoming bored, you need to keep them mentally stimulated. Nothing does the job better than a puzzle. Because some kids consider puzzles as more of a game for adults, you need to make sure that the puzzle is fun. The entire family can work on giant puzzle pieces that make up images of their last vacation or birthday party. Your kids will have fun trying to put their faces back together.

Personalized puzzles aren't just engaging. They also give you an opportunity to relive some memories. If your personalized puzzles depict your last vacation, for example, you can remind your kids about special and fun moments that occurred during the vacation that they might have forgotten.

Because puzzles can always be solved again, you and your family can continue to solve the puzzle over the course of several years. It's even something you can hand down to your grandchildren.


4. Movie Marathon

Sometimes the best activities for kids is just to watch their favorite movies. There are tons of different movies and shows out there that the whole family can enjoy. You can make it a big deal by having everyone dress in their favorite pajamas. Breakfast items can be served all day.

Movie marathon days are those in which comfort and indulgence reign. Your kids will be engaged in the movie, and you can sit back and relax, too. 


5. Paint a Large Canvass

Children love making messes. You can encourage their tendency to make a mess by buying a huge art canvass for them. Procure some kid-friendly paint as well. Then you can change them into clothes you don't mind getting messy. Once everything is prepared, let your children coat their hands and feet in the paint and run wild on the canvass.

You may end up with the latest art craze. 


6. Escape Room

One final idea to consider is a kid-friendly escape room. Your entire home can turn into a giant puzzle. You can have riddles, puzzles, and other challenges that your children need to solve in order to progress to the next room. Every escape room also has a great story.

Perhaps your children are explorers who have become trapped in a tomb. Maybe they wandered into a haunted home and need to get out before the monster awakens. Whatever kind of fun theme your kids are into, you can easily transform it into an escape room story. 


Start Playing Today


The best way to keep your kids entertained indoors is to give them the chance to be active and creative. Try the ideas above and see which ones your children love the most. You'll likely make fun memories.

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