My friends are always going on cruises, telling me I should go with them. And im one of those people who have never been on one and would really love too.
Im told you will have the time of your life, cruises go everywhere and anywhere all over the world. Destinations are as exotic as the Caribbean and Alaska, as well as Europe. And think you don't have to drive or pack and unpack to go to any of these places , and best of all no phones. I hear there's a whole nite life on the water. And all kinds of food everything you can think of.

My friends tell me its a shoppers paradise and there are so many bargains and you can find things you will never find at home. something for everybody .

I would love to go on an adventure maybe try snorkeling I have never done that before, and I love to go sight-seeing and seeing places I have never seen before and only have dreamed about it. It gives you the real image.

You can plan months ahead and be ready for it, sometime the best bargains are the ones you get the last minute. Never pay rack prices for a cruise, shop around and see where you can get it for less. Once on board you will have 24 cruisine  , There are three meals served but you have a chance to get something to eat in between. But I would eat dinner at the at the scheduled time because the staff perform a show on the theme of the night.You will meet people from all over the world and meet new friends.

When you're not eating you can lay out at the pool and soak up some rays, or catch a movie or a show. There are so many activities for everyone. Besides the spa and you can exercise read , there's something to find to do.

The ship ports for a period of time and that's when you can get off and do some shopping or go on your own sight-seeing tour. You can also do one of the many planned excursions the cruise has planned. Either way you will have fun and see things you might never see on your own.

From crystal clear blue waters with their reefs of fish, to iceburgs    historic sites, and mountains. Doesnt a cruise seem like heaven.

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