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I don’t know if it’s a teen girl thing or what, but my daughters both have a deeply rooted love for funky fun socks. The funkier and funnier the better. One of my youngest daughter’s favorite pair feature an image of Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” painting on them. She also has a pair with Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

It doesn’t matter if they are no-show, ankle length, go up past the knees or any length in between — if they’re socks and they’re unique or colorful, my daughters are totally in! So, I figured when I saw Sock It To Me’s fun and funky socks that I would surprise my younger daughter with a pair.

We are animal lovers and have a thing for animals of all persuasions — animated or real life ones, makes no difference. She doesn’t have any socks with bunnies on them, which makes this bright, colorful pair with Hula Hoopin’ Bunnies so darn cute!

Sock It To Me Socks -- Hula Hoopin' Bunnies

So, I wasn’t paying attention to the age range or anything, these are juniors’ socks for ages 7-10. My youngest is 15, whoops! They fit her fine, they’re just not knee high. She was delighted with them so I made a point of bookmarking the website and sending a link to it to myself to store in my Gift Ideas email folder for future reference.

With over 300 different, unique sock designs for men, women and children there is absolutely going to be a pair (or two, or twenty) that strike your fancy. Sock It To Me also sells novelty underwear, another weird thing my daughters love. LOL

Among the multitudes of designs can be found monkeys, rocket ships, constellations, tiki style, airplanes, food, and other really fun and unique looks. There are way too many to point out, you will have to just poke around the Sock It To Me website and take a look for yourself.

Sock It To Me Socks -- Hula Hoopin' Bunnies

The company was founded in 2004 with their product line focused on fun designs, vibrant colors and comfortable material that washes well. Their purpose as a company is to provide a product that fills a need as well as to encourage everyone to be confident enough to express themselves in their own unique way. Also, socks are a major comfort item and one that can bring a little bit of joy at the end of a long, hard day at school or work, right?

With the proliferation of monthly subscription boxes available for everything from yarn to sewing material, books to gadgets, cleaning supplies to pet food (and just about everything in between) it should really be no surprise to find that Sock It To Me also offers a monthly gift box subscription. Two new and totally fun pairs of socks every month would be a dream gift for my daughters!

The youngest has already had her birthday this year, the other one has hers coming up this fall, so maybe a birthday gift? Or better yet, a Christmas gift that they can enjoy together?

If you have love fun socks or know someone who does definitely check out what Sock It To Me has to offer on their website or social media channels at Facebook and Twitter (find links to other social media on their website).


Which style is your favorite?


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