Funny Wine Glasses

Funny Wine Glasses For Your Funny Friends

Do you have those “smart alike” kind of friends?  Well, I guess I'm one of them too, otherwise I wouldn't have made friends with them, right?  The better question is, do you and your friends hang out and drink wine?  If the answer is yes, and I'm betting it is, then I have a cute wine glass for you!  Wine & Koffee sells this funny wine glass on Amazon that has the saying “When life gives you lemons, sell them to buy wine”.   How cute is that?  It's a beautiful wine glass, made of actual glass.  The writing on it is pretty gold and it's the perfect size for you to hold and slam the wine.  No, I'm kidding…please drink responsibly!

Funny Wine Glasses

Makes A Great Gift

Whether your girlfriend is getting married, newly single, or just moving into a new place, this glass would make a great gift for her.  Everyone (almost everyone) celebrates with a little wine.  We drink it at dinner to celebrate life and we use it to toast a new beginning.  Anyone would love to have this cute glass.  Oh, and the holidays are coming up.  I'm always looking for that one special “white elephant” gift.  This would be perfect!  Heck, forget any of the celebrations and get one for yourself, just because. There are so many different glasses out today, what if your looking for a special gift and have no idea what to get there are always personalized gin glasses, that would make the perfect gift for all occasions.

Made Of Quality Crystal And A Guarantee

This crystal, stemless wine glass is completely lead-free and made of a thick, quality crystal.  It's like this little, chunky glass that fits great in my hand.  One of the things that impressed me is that the company offers a limited guarantee.  This means that if you buy it and aren't satisfied with the quality, you will get your money back with no questions asked.

Funny Wine Glasses

I happen to love funny sayings, especially when they're on something that others will see and laugh at.  I guess I'm a bit of a “show-off”.  The gold writing is so darn pretty, it will definitely catch your eye and it comes in a very nice box.  You can buy your own glass on Amazon or just click on the link.

Funny Wine Glasses

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