The FurBuddy pet grooming deShedding tool is an awesome tool that greatly reduces the amount of shedding that occurs with your pet. The deshedding tool removes up to 90% of dead and loose fur from your pet without damaging the topcoat. Veterinarians, groomers and pet professionals recommend the pet grooming deshedding tool by FurBuddy. The stainless steel edge reaches deep beneath your furbaby’s topcoat to remove the dead undercoat and loose easily and painlessly on any short, medium or long haired dog or cat.

Works great on my sisters little men, they have to be groomed at least every two months, this works in between so they do not get all knotted up. It has a stainless steel comb that reaches deep beneath the topcoat to remove the dead undercoat and loose hair.Even if you do not have a heavy shedding pet, this tool is still perfect for every day grooming.

It comes with a great handle that actually molds to fit your hand so it's super comfortable when you are using it and your hand doesn't get tired when we decide to comb all the dogs and try to comb the cats. The actual brush can be easy snapped into place and popped right back out with no problem but it does lock in place so that it does not become detached while in use. . It also came with an e-book which was a great additional resource to have.


This Newly Designed Ergonomic Handle is Made of Environmentally Friendly Materials.that mould to the shape of your hand to make deshedding easy and comfortable.

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