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Games Galore For Grandkids

Wow! I Just Got Games Galore For My Grandkids!  They're Going To Be So Happy To Play All Of These

Board games are one of the best ways to bond with kids, if you ask me.  You are taking precious time out of your day to spend it with them.  Do you know how much that means to them?  No matter how long you play, they appreciate it.  I love playing anything with my grandkids and they know Nana will get down on the floor with them.  I was so ecstatic when Winning Moves Games sent me games galore!  There are oldies and new ones I had never heard of.  Of course, my two favorites are Chutes and Ladders and Candyland.  I can't wait to introduce them to these old games.  Another one I love is the Crocodile Dentist.  I remember my kids playing this and jumping every time the crocodiles mouth closed on their fingers.

You would think I'd be done by now right?  Nope!  They also sent me No Stress Chess, Pass The Pigs, and The Mermaid's Jewels.  Yes, that's correct, they sent me 6 games.  When I received this it was like Christmas in my house.  My granddaughters are going to be so busy with all of these.

Games Galore For The Win

When teaching children how to play games we absolutely need to teach them how to win and how to lose.  When we don't go over losing they never quite understand that it's ok.  We don't have to feel bad when we lose, but if we do, that's ok too.  On the same point, we don't have to gloat and tease when we win either.  Teach them to have good sportsmanship and to help those that did lose.  Maybe say something supportive so they don't feel bad.  While doing this you're not just teaching them about how to play games, but they're learning about life itself.

Board games don't have to be boring.  You can get down on their level and be silly with them.  Kids love it when any adult does this.  My granddaughters know that when Nana comes over there's fun to be had!

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