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Games and Toys to Get Kids’ Minds Working

With Christmas fast approaching, there’s a good chance that you’re scouring the market for items to wrap up and leave under the tree for the little ones in your life. While you want their present to be fun, you probably also have their best interests in mind, so want to get them something in the piles of presents to exercise their mind and train their brain. The good news is that you can, in fact, tick all of these boxes in just one gift. There are plenty of toys and games out there that kids will have a great time using and playing with at the same time as developing their personal skills and educating them all at once. So, if you’re stuck for gifts this year, here’s a little inspiration to help you along your merry way!

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Lego has been around for decades, and most of us have either used it ourselves or have undergone the excruciating pain of standing on a stray Lego brick barefoot before. Whatever your previous experience with Lego, there’s always room for more of it in any kid’s life. Since the company started out in 1958, over 400 billion individual Lego bricks have been made, and they are still in production, rolling off the production line in their droves every single day. This just goes to show how popular they are. Kids will sit for hours, constructing all sorts of buildings, objects, and worlds out of whatever pieces they can get their hands on. The more pieces and sets that they have, the more they can do. Playing with the bricks helps to promote fine motor skills, improve coordination, and endorse logic. Following instructions can improve comprehension, and if your child works with others, it will also improve their communication and teamwork skills. Sets range from basic to complex – just take a look at for some architecture sets – so there’s something to fit children of most ages. Just take a look at the box to find out the intended and recommended age for each set. There are also themed sets that are licensed and include well-known characters, so if the person you’re buying for is a fan of a particular franchise (such as Star Wars or Batman, for example) you can get a gift that will seem tailored to them. In a way, Lego is the gift that keeps on giving! It is also a gift that you can add to as more occasions rollout, building the recipient’s collection time and time again.




Leapfrog products intend to make learning fun. By incorporating technology and games into the traditional learning experience, they harness kids’ attention and encourage them to play and learn all at once, creating positive associations with their educational experience. Various products are available, from books with pens that read the words allowed when scanned to tablet-style devices. Just remember to take a look at the age recommendation on the box before buying. Many of the core products can have upgrades or use a different supplementary material, meaning that as your child progresses, you merely have to invest in new cartridges or books rather than replacing the whole device. Perfect!


These two brands are renowned for their educational benefits and for encouraging kids to associate learning with fun play. So invest in them! You’ll see rapid progress and smiles on the little ones’ faces all at once.


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