Games You Can Play on a Tennis Court (Besides Tennis)

Games You Can Play on a Tennis Court (Besides Tennis)

One of the benefits of a tennis court builders is that it provides the owner with a variety of games to play. If you're looking for more ways to have fun, consider trying out one of these other games you can play on a tennis court.


Dodgeball is easily one of the most beloved nontennis games you can play on a tennis court. Some rules change from neighborhood to neighborhood, but the universal rules for dodgeball still apply when you play on a tennis court: each team sticks to one side of the court, with a line of dodgeballs set up on either side of the net. When the round begins, each team runs to the balls and begins throwing them at the opposing team. When you get hit by a ball, you’re out. However, you have the opportunity to return to the court if one of your teammates catches an enemy ball. The presence of the net adds an extra challenge.

While these are the core rules of dodgeball, there are additional, fun variations on this classic game. These rule variations include setting up bowling pins on both sides for teams to knock down in order to win or allowing both teams to use the entire court after knocking out enough players.


Pickleball has a slightly more complex set of rules to follow, but luckily, it also has very minimal equipment requirements. On each side of the net, there is an area known as the nonvolley zone, which is the immediate seven feet of space in front of the net. On the opposite side of the nonvolley zone are the service boxes (one or two). While serving, the player must be standing behind the backline. For a proper serve, the player needs to hit it with an underhand swing and only hit it before it hits the ground, not after it bounces.

Once the server sends the ball into the opposing team's service box and that team hits it back, the game truly begins. It's at this point that when the ball lands on any given side, it can bounce and be hit only one time. If the ball is hit twice, is hit by both players, or bounces twice on one side of the court without going over to the opposing side, this is a “fault.” After a fault, the turn is over, and a new serve takes place. The game ends when one team earns 11 points. However, the team must win by two points.

Tennis Baseball

If you know how to play baseball, then you basically know how to play tennis baseball. The difference being that instead of a baseball, you use a tennis ball, and instead of a bat, you use a tennis racquet. Another key difference is that once the pitcher throws the ball, it must bounce off the ground once before the “batter” hits it. In order to play this, you’ll need to set up two teams and designated bases. You have total freedom when it comes to setting up bases, but net posts and fences will serve nicely as makeshift bases.

Customize Your Own Tennis Game Medals

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