Before we know it the holidays will be here, and if you're like me you want to make sure the gift you get someone is something they would want. There are big football and baseball fans in this house, so knowing this I would get them something they would like and want.

My husband is a huge Jets fan, yeah I know can't he have a different team, so looking through I was able to get him some great things, that will be under the tree for him this year.


These are the perfect slippers for him and are so soft to walk on. I had to try them and see. No matter the temperature, stay cool and show off your fandom with these New York Jets Foam Sport Slides. Just try not to wear them with socks. People might give you looks.




He says these fit him like a glove and he loves how warm they make his feet feel. they have the perfect lining to keep those toes nice and warm. Moccasins? Cool. Comfy slippers? Also cool. New York Jets Moccasin Slippers? Mind = blown. The future is now, friend.



Whether it's weddings or weather, no one likes cold feet. Proudly showing off your team spirit while keeping your feet warm? Way better. These super comfy New York Jets Women's Team Color Moccasin Slippers are essential for staying warm on the couch and enjoying the game.

These are the perfect slippers for any girl who loves sports they are the most comfortable slippers I have ever seen and worn.




While I was looking for Ray , I figured why not look for myself and I wanted to represent his favorite team, so these sneakers are just that and they are so much better in person, I love that they are all glittery and are so a woman shoe, this way he won't be stealing them.

Shouldn't your shoes shine as bright as your fandom? That was a rhetorical question. Of course, they should. Lace-up these New York Jets Glitter Low Top Canvas Shoes and brighten up your sense of fan fashion.


Of course, there are so many other things you can get, from helmets to wristlets and so much more, my niece is a huge Yankee fan and I found the perfect gift for her, the cutest wristlet and of course its a Yankee one.

The only thing more important than carrying the team is doing it in style. And you can do just that with this New York Yankees Printed Collection Repeat Logo Wristlet. No one will question your fashion sense, or who you're rooting for on the game day.


They even have helmets that you put together, so you know I had to get that as a gift for him, I think this is one of those sites where you can get almost anything for someone you want thats into sports, there are so many things for men and woman and even kids, so for all your sports fans this is the place to go.

Get your head in the game. Build your reputation as the best fan around by building this New York Jets PZLZ Helmet, putting it on display, and proudly showing off your MVP team spirit.

For all your sports presents head over to Foco and see all the amazing things they have and more. Nothing says I love you than getting them something they want and will cherish. I know Ray will be so happy he got all of this stuff and then some.


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