Gender Friendly Baby Shower Gifts!

Gender Friendly Baby Shower Gifts!

Recently I had a friend who decided not to reveal the gender of her baby for her baby shower, she also did not create a registry of things that she wanted for the baby so I was a little desperate to try to find things that were unique and gender-friendly for gifts! In this case, finding the perfect baby shower gifts to excite the mother isn't really that easy. But with extra patience and resourcefulness, you will surely find the perfect gender-friendly shower gifts that you're looking for.

I wanted to tell you about a few products that I found that are not only unique they will work for both boys and girls and they are very useful!

If you have children or you have ever had to feed a baby, you know how bad you could use an extra hand!

The Beebo which was seen on the national tv show Shark Tank, Is an awesome hand free bottle holder. It is so easy to use and gives you a free hand while feeding your baby to be able to do other important things such as feed yourself! I know how hard it can be to feed your baby and not be able to anything else until you are completely done strictly holding their bottle.


Its made of a very soft foam and will hold almost any size bottle. You place it over your shoulder and place the bottle in and being that it rotates 360 degrees its a breeze from there. Its a great way to introduce the bottle to your baby and its great for anyone to use.

In our household we love items that are useful in more than one way. Being that we don't have a lot of space to store things we really need a lot of those 3 in 1 baby products.

The Buddy Bib is a 3 in 1 sensory and teething toy that is also a bib. It is a water resistant bib that has a built in teether that is made from 100% silicone.  You can easily exchange the teether out for your child's pacifier.  The plush toy that is attached to it can also be easily removed and attached to either their car seat or their wrist so you wont have to keep up with it and worry about it getting lost and dirty.

Buddy Bib

We all know that you can never have enough onesies or bed sheets for your child. With that being said I knew that a nice outfit and some crib sheets would be a great gift!

Simply Chickie makes 100% organic cotton clothes in the cutest designs! They have a large variety of clothing that are all made here in the USA. The adorable little organic onsie that says ” a star is born” with a simple starfish is so cute and works with either gender. It has snap closures as well making it easy to change diapers.

A Star Is Born

Baby Baby Yes Mama makes adorable crib sheets that are 100% jersey cotton and they come in a 2 pack. We all know how important it is to have some extra sheets clean and ready when nature calls and we don't have time to remove and wash the bed sheets.  Sheets are a wonderful gift for a baby shower and with the cute designs that they are available in you are sure to find the one you like!

Baby Baby Yes Mama

I hope this helps if you ever need a unique baby shower gift or just need to purchase an item for your household!


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